Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bringing back the bezel...

Anyone remember this watch? Oh yes, it's the Gucci bezel watch which I believe hit it's height of popularity in the mid 90's. My high school boyfriend gave this to me; I have to give him credit, he had good taste for a young guy. I had totally forgotten about this watch until  my mom and I were talking about old jewelry.

I pulled it out only to find that I also had about 15 bezels to go with it. Those were the days...when you would match your bezel to your outfit? Pretty funny, I have to say...

I am normally a fan of a bigger men's inspired watch, but I think I might just have to bring this back for fall. I paired it with my David Yurman, 2 J.Crew leather wraps and a Bottega Veneta woven bracelet.

Anyone out there still own this bracelet? Or did you sell yours on Ebay? I could not believe that they were selling for close to $300 on Ebay!


  1. I loved how you layered your watch with all those fun bracelets. I think you should definitely bring back the bezel for fall. I like the smaller scale...it is a nice change from the larger face watches we have been seeing!

  2. I had this watch in high school and lost it on Spring Break in Cancun. So sad!

  3. I love this post, I have the exact same watch, still in the case with about 10 different colored bezels to choose from. I got it from an old boyfriend at the time who I clearly remember telling me that this was "the it watch to have"

  4. My grandmother has the same Gucci watch with all of the bezels but I was bummed when she gave it to my cousin. She doesn't appreciate it like I would!



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