Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A good scrub

I am back from a great trip to beautiful, cool, and sunny Minnesota. I was so delighted to return home to a package from favorite beauty blogger Elizabeth Dehn. I was lucky enough to win her giveaway of JR Watkins Coconut Sugar and Shea scrub. After an AWFUL day of travel, and spending wayyyyyy too much time in an airport, this was just what I needed.

I gave it a whirl this morning and I am totally smitten with the product. In the blog post that Elizabeth did about the scrub, she mentioned it was so moisturizing that you don't even need lotion afterwards. I really couldn't believe it. No scrub is ever THAT GOOD. Well, let me tell you...it is!

It has a very subtle, but nice coconut smell and it's just what you need to lightly exfoliate your body. It leaves just the right amount of Shea oil on your skin that you can actually feel even after drying off your skin. . After trying this product, I am anxious to order something else from JR Watkins. Maybe their Peppermint foot cream (which is award winning, by the way...) or the foot scrub?

All of JR Watkins products are natural and made right here in the USA. Being a Minnesota girl myself, I am happy to support their business which has been based out of Winona Minnesota since 1885. For all of their other products, visit www.jrwatkins.com


  1. i LOVE their cuticle lotion and hand soap that's a staple in my kitchen sink! welcome back Mel!

  2. This post came at the perfect time, I just ran out of my body scrub! I am definately going to order some! Thanks for the review!

  3. This scrub sounds fantastic, and welcome back!



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