Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mark your Calendars...

 I was disappointed when visiting Zara in Chicago to find very little merchandise and most of it was clearance...and very picked over.

Thankfully, their online shopping site is going live on September 7th! No more waiting, no more lines...just fabulous fashion right at your fingertips...


  1. i love the yellow/camel bag! but really, i'd take it all.

  2. I'd like one of everything you posted.
    Cannot wait!!!

  3. I know!! I was so excited to go to Zara in Chicago a couple of weeks ago too. I was completely disappointed, there was nothing in the store and the few pieces they had were so picked over. I will be back in Chicago in a couple of weeks so hopefully they will have their fall merchandise in:)

  4. OOOh! Good to know! I have been disappointed at their stores in Las Vegas and Dallas. They always have great stuff online!

  5. This is the best news I've heard all week! Now we just need to get H&M on board with online shopping!

    Happy to be your newest follower :) xx

  6. Love those green shoes! Zara is the best. I have been living in my red jeans this summer. : ) Can't wait for their fall collection.



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