Friday, April 8, 2011

A great investment...

When I went to Chicago in February, I had a credit to use at the Tory Burch store. I had been stalking her website for weeks trying to figure out what to get. I dragged my friend Emily along with me to be my voice of reason. I was thinking of a handbag or wedges, but once we got to the store they weren't hitting me. The handbags were great, but I know I wouldn't use them as much as a great pair of shoes. Emily and I  both agreed that these were the best of the best...

 Soooooo, I ended up going with the Leopard Reva flats. I am SO glad I got them, I love them and have worn them so much already.

They are one of the most versatile shoes I have owned. I wore them when it was still cold out with more of a fall look...

and now that it is getting warm out, I love it with these olive skinny cargos from J.Crew and a summery blouse...

they were worth every penny!!!


  1. I will hopefully be at the TB store in Chicago next weekend!!

    great choice

  2. Great purchase and I love your outfits!

  3. Love these shoes! You have such a great eye for fashion!

  4. I have two pair and Love them! When you don't want to wear heels these are perfect! Great pick!

  5. Love them! My reva flats are my favorite. I am really loving the leopard print and your cute yellow blouse! Have a great weekend!

  6. Fabulous! I have the Black Leather Reva flats and I seriously wear them almost everyday. Amazing shoes :)



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