Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Colorful, Vintage, Ornate...

I just came across Shabby Vintage Mom's shop on Etsy. I am just loving her vibrant colors and ornate vintage frames that are upcycled into pretty mirrors or magnetic boards. I would love one of these in my kitchen.

Her frames would be perfect for my "gallery wall" project that I will hopefully be putting together this summer.

And the mirrors could not be more fantastic...OR AFFORDABLE! $82? YES PLEASE!

For more fabulousness,  visit Shabby Vintage Mom's shop HERE


  1. I love these! Just added this as a new Etsy favorite, thanks for sharing! : )

  2. Loving this seller. Thanks for sharing! I always have trouble finding art I like on much to dig through!

  3. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this great find. Since, I won't be working this summer I am also wanting to put together a collage wall.

  4. Such cute things! Love those mirrors.



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