Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life via pictures...

Things are a bit hectic around here. I seriously can't believe we are weeks away from Christmas. And we still have SO much shopping/prepping/wrapping to do...ahhhhhhh! Well, at least I have my house decorated. I love Christmas trees and there is one in every room...

The living room, Vivi's room, Julian's room and our family room...

This week I hosted a wine and "wrap" party at Lauren Alexandra boutique. Pam (the cute owner in the picture) has been a long time friend and former boss. Everyone created their custom arm party. I came home with the cross and turquoise bracelet. They are $15 each!! A total steal and available at her store in Brookside.

I have also been busy making bow holders for friends. I love how this one turned out with the Amy Butler fabric. They are all custom made, if you are interested you can order from my Etsy shop HERE. 

I also braved Target this morning. It was pretty uneventful and also pretty disappointing. The quality is just not good...and the prices weren't all that great. Did you all hit up Target for the Target + Neiman's collaboration? 
The kids are keeping me on my toes! Vivi is fully sitting and starting to crawl...I can't even believe it! Julian is getting to be such a big boy; I am so proud of him and his name writing skills. He is also a HUGE helper. When we go to the grocery store he pushes the mini cart, so I can push the baby in the stroller. He also takes everything out of the cart...I swear he is 4 going on 24! 

I hope you all have a great weekend. Tomorrow we are going to visit Santa; hopefully we can have some cute photo opps with the kids! 

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  1. we put up 5 trees every year, it is a lot of work but i wouldn't have it any other way!!

    Love the wrap party, what a cute idea!!



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