Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shopping Scout: Cheap Thrills

I feel like I have been hitting the jackpot at Target lately. Seriously...such good stuff there. Even the sale racks have been good! I picked up a few things that I couldn't help but share...

Loving this sweater knit skirt...normally $24.99 and on sale for $17.99! It was hung on a lower rack, so it was hard to see...it comes in 5 pretty fun colors. I really wanted the tangerine/camel combo but it was sold out. Runs small, so you will want to size up. I will probably do tights with it, it's a little shorter than I would like :) 

Obsessed with these Converse jeggings (thanks to the Target does it again girls...a must follow if you don't already). $27.99, fit amazing and so comfy. A little tight around the calves though, but you can unzip the zippers to let them out a bit. 

This is much cuter in person...the tweed has a metallic thread running through it. Love the slim collar and zipper detail. $17.00 on the clearance rack! 

Gotta love Target...you can get your toilet paper and good fashion all in one spot :) 


  1. i need to check out those jeggings! obsessed with zippers lately :)

  2. this is why I am at Target just about every day!!

  3. I just discovered the Target Does it Again girls and LOVE their posts! So fun! I love all 3 pieces!!

  4. All very cute. I have been finding great pieces there lately, as well. I like your discoveries much better than any of the Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration items. I was pretty disappointed! Will have to check out Target Does it Again Girls.

  5. Cute! They featured a sweater I have been stalking at every Target I go. I could order it...but that would be too, too easy!

  6. Seriously Mel - I cannot STOP with Target the past few months (probably because I came across TDIA about that time...hmmmm....) I mean, every single time I go in (which is a LOT), I can find something that I need in my life. I either need to get a part time job there or stop going in.

  7. This is why I LOVE your blog! I am so going to check out "Target Does it Again Girls"! Can't thank you enough!



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