Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Shopping Scout does Chicago

You can't visit Chicago without doing a little bit of shopping. They have every store you could ever want and more. Although, I have to admit shopping in a big city isn't quite like it used to be! I feel like we have the same stores or merchandise at stores here in Kansas City and with online shopping nothing feels as "special" like it used to.

But, with that being said I did pick up a few goodies that I am kind of obsessed with right now! One of our first stops was Watertower place (which is pretty much my worst nightmare this time of year...) BUT, it was connected to our hotel and we wanted to pick up some Legos for our little guy.

I came across Neiman Marcus' Cusp store. It's a darling little freestanding store packed with cute, contemporary and well-priced goodies. I snagged up this super comfy hooded sweater which will be great now and especially heading into Spring. I am really loving Yellow and I think this is going to be a hot color for 2013.

If I am running errands and dressing casual, all I want to wear is Lululemon. It's a sickness, I tell you...once you wear their stuff you don't want to wear anything else. I fell head over heels for the Bundle Up jacket. It's not super poofy, but still gives you the warmth you need this time of year. The inner layer can zip out for when it's not so cold out. I got it in a fabulous reddish/orange shade called "Love Red". And really, none of the pictures do it justice, it's so much cuter in person. 

It's no secret that I am a beauty product junkie! So, when in Chicago I always like to hit up Saks to get my makeup done. I always had good luck there when I lived in Chicago. Based on my outfit for the night, The girl at Nars suggested this duo called "Hula Hula". 

She did the gold all over the lid with the soft touch shadow pencil in "Aigle Noir" which is this fabulous smooth black liner with gold glitter. The shadow pencils are amazing, I now feel I need another one. The application is so easy and it stays on all day long. I topped the look off with my favorite new red lipstick, Nars Jungle Red. 

Even though I never buy much at Barney's I love to stop in's such a beautiful store and it's fun just to look around. I did get my mom a beautiful ornament and I was drooling over the handbags. Their kids department always has some unique finds. I so wanted to get this for Vivi; this shade of blue is her color. But, I just could not justify the $88 price point for something she would wear for 2 months. 

I hit up Zara, H&M and Topshop (which was totally disappointing) and didn't really see much I HAD to have. It seems as though everything right now is either pleather, sequins or black and white. I don't know about you all, but I am already excited about Spring! 


  1. I was in Chicago Monday and hit up the Lego store too, I agree even on a Monday Water tower was a nightmare. Our first Cusp just opened here in STL I am so excited because I love that place.

    I totally agree with you on topshop, it was so disappointing.. kind of like a tacky F21.

    We did have dinner at RPM and it was fabulous!!

    Have a great weekend

  2. You found great things! Love the yellow sweater and I agree, yellow should be popular this spring. It has always been a favorite color. I could live in Lulu Lemon too. The jacket is neat. Have you ever tried Nars Dolce Vita or Mitzi lipsticks? Those are my all time go-to shades.

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