Friday, December 28, 2012

Blogs to follow...

I was cracking up when blogger sent me a notification that I can't add any more blogs to my reading list. seriously. There are just so many good ones! If you are looking to add some new blogs to your reading list, then I have a few lovelies for you...

C.Style is a cute mom/stylist/blogger from Houston who shares style tips and fun finds from her shopping excursions. I love her style because it's wearable and very "mom" friendly (aka...always on the go...). She shows how you can be effortless & chic all at the same time!

Domicile Blog is a fabulous home decor blog written by a childhood friend of mine. Her blog is filled with gorgeous images to inspire and some snippets from her own home (which is quite enviable!).

Megan is another Charleston blogger bringing her Southern Charm and good taste to her blog, Style Me Swanky. She's cute as a button, and she shares great finds from beauty to decor as well as tidbits from her personal life as a soon to be newlywed! 


  1. Thanks for these! I always love finding new blogs!

  2. Thanks for this fun list! I saw the first pic before I read the post and thought, "wonder how a pic of South Boulevard ended up here." =) Thanks for supporting us Houston bloggers!!

  3. Will check these out! Always love hearing about new blogs to read. Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Mel!
    I've loved reconnecting with you and seeing your life now as a woman, mother and blogger/fashionista.
    During your next visit to Chicago we should call Sarah N, meet up for drinks, and have pow wow between old for thought.

  5. Yay for new blog crushes, I will check these out! I'm a Swanky reader already but the other 2 are new for me, yay:)

  6. Thanks for mentioning me, Melanie! Sorry I'm just now seeing this!! :)



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