Monday, September 17, 2012

His & Hers Fall Wishlist

My husband may actually trump me in the shopping department. He loves clothes just as much as I do, which makes for a bad combination when you get the two of us together! Thankfully we can just "daydream" and virtual shop as much as we want without having to pull the trigger.

We put together our fall wishlist via Shopstyle is amazing because you can search exactly what you are looking for, and you can price compare other online sites all in one spot!

I have recently fallen in love with the Morrison tote by Rachel Zoe. The cognac color would be perfect for fall, and I especially love the cross-body option. Her bags are expensive, but not insane. This one comes in at $550...

I have still been searching for the perfect bootie, I think I may have found it. The Elizabeth and James "Shane"...wouldn't these be great not only with skirts and dresses but also skinny jeans? 

I am hoping to invest in the perfect peacoat for Fall. Loving the fitted silhouette of this Tory Burch Bernadine Pea Coat.

And for him...

He said he wanted a Chelsea Boot...which I learned is a pretty dapper looking, pull on boot. These look great with dark jeans or even a dressier flat front pant. 

My husband is a huge fan of Italian designer, Ermenegildo Zegna. It's definitely his fave and would be his "splurge" if money was no object. On the top of his wish list is a Bomber Jacket. The color of this jacket is gorgeous and would just get better over time.

My husband just recently got his first pair of Baldwin (Kansas City Made) Jeans. They fit AMAZING and are definitely his best looking pair. Now he is itching for another cut/wash....maybe something in a lighter wash that is a little more casual? 

so, what is on our "ultimate" wish list? 


  1. your hubby is just like mine, he loves to shop and he loves to wear his nice clothes. Thankfully he only goes on about 3 shoppings trips a year or else we might be in big trouble!!

  2. I so wish my husband liked to shop. He could care less what he wears! I am loving everything on your list but especially love the RZ bag!

  3. Last year, every time I would go in to Halls, the RZ bags would be 40% off. If they have that one, you should watch for that...

  4. Fun post! I too have a husband who likes fashion and enjoys shopping. : ) That TB peacoat is classic and amazing. LOVE.

  5. My husband loves to shop and is very picky about what he buys! I love my Baldwin jeans that I bought in KC. May need to pick up a pair for Josh while I am there this week! :)

  6. My hubby totally does not shop so I have do that for him. We would be in trouble if he did as much as I did! I love that Tory Burch jacket. It's so pretty!

  7. Those Elizabeth and James boots are available here:



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