Monday, June 4, 2012

My New Mommy "Fave" list...

It's been 3 years since our last baby, and I can't believe all of the new It's amazing all the updated gear, clothing lines and baby stuff there is to choose from. Just when you think you have it all you come across something new and exciting that you can't live without.

Hare are some of my favorite things that are getting us through the newborn stage right now...

 For those of you like me, who tend to store important papers in many random places, this product is a dream. My friend Maria gave us the Baby Briefcase as a shower gift, and now all of Baby Vivienne's "documents", health information, and any other important paperwork is all in one place (and neatly labeled, I may add!) We just keep it in her closet, so I always know where to find it.

Aden + Anais was not around when my son was born, and it's a shame because their products are fantastic. I am totally obsessed with the swaddling blankets and my next purchase will be their "Burpy Bib". We have some rectangular burp cloths by them and they are by far my favorite. The muslin cotton just gets softer as you wash them, they are amazing!

Without any prompting or request of a new drying rack, my husband picked up this Boon bottle drying rack at Target. Not only does it look semi-cool, but it also works like a charm. Instead of having a huge rack on the counter, this uses less space and holds a good amount of bottles/parts.

If you have ever gone shopping for a nursing bra, you know that they are pretty unattractive. Most are nude colored and very BLAH. I came across these cute Gillian O'Malley nursing bras at Target and they are the best. They look feminine, give you good support and obviously the convenient front snaps to allow you to nurse. They call it a "sleep" bra, but I wear it during the day as well. $16.99 at Target

Wheat Collection is a Danish children's line that is fairly new to the US. Vivienne has 2 pieces from the line and I just love it. The collection is simple, with pretty details and made of beautiful fabrics.

Go Gently Baby is another adorable line that I have recently come across. The pieces are sweet and simple as can be. I love their diaper covers and little tops!

What are some of your favorite mom items that you can't live without?


  1. I am still in love with my Patemm (I blogged about it a while ago)... I use it all the time and always have people asking about it. I also loved the Halo swaddlers for newborns and now the Aden & Anais sleep sacks.

  2. I love the Boon "Grass" drying rack. It also works well for Ridel glasses :). Check out the cute little flower or tree that Boon sells as an accessory to them. It holds the small bottle parts or pacis and looks super cute. I got ours from Amazon.

    New pbession this time around is the Basq oils. Loved the Resilent Body Oil for stretch mark prevention! Also love the lavender oil for baby massage.

  3. Adorable clothing collections!
    I also love Aden and Anais swaddling blankets. We swaddled Elle every night until she was about 4 months old and now she rolls them into a ball and lays on top of them as she sleeps. They are def worth the price and Love Boon products. I just gave that drying rack and A an A blankest as a baby shower gift last week :)

  4. So many great recs...I just got the A+A burp bibs today and we also have the drying rack and the baby briefcase! Glad it's come in handy for you!

  5. I need a briefcase like that! Lots and lots of paperwork to keep track of :)

    We also LOVE the Aden & Anais products- use them every single day! The blankets are perfect for the hot summer days here. The Target nursing bras are the best! I've yet to find others that I like as much.

  6. The baby briefcase is awesome! What a perfect item for storing all those documents. We have two Aden+Anais swaddle blankets and a burp/bip cloth. They make the best patterns! I also picked up the same drying rack. Loving the cool, mod look on our counter. Have you heard of Bundle in NYC? It is the BEST store for baby clothes. They have a fabulous wensite.



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