Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Genius product for nursing moms: Lily Padz

I know that Lily Padz have been around for a while, but this is my first time trying them out. I have to say, they are amazing. For all of you mom's who are nursing, you know how expensive breast pads can be, not to mention they are bulky and don't look that great under fitted clothing. Lily Padz are a solution to both of these problems.

They are re-usable "skin like" silicone pads that conform to your breast for a secure fit, allowing you to wear whatever you like without leaking. You can take them off in between feedings and stick them right back on. I rinse them with soap and water at night and let them dry which is supposed to lengthen the life of the LilyPadz.

They have been a lifesaver so far this summer when wearing a swimsuit. No leaky boobs at the pool...HURRAY!

Some advice, don't use them when your milk first comes in because you will leak. Wait a few weeks until your milk is regulated, and you should be just fine.


  1. Definitely planning to get these!! Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. The reusable part sold them for me! I'm going to have to buy them. I'm not allowed to swim for a few more weeks, so the logistics of leaky boobs in a swimsuit didn't even occur to me before now!

  3. Yeah lily pads breast pads allow you to breastfeed whenever you like, they cling to your skin, you can see its instructions to use from the internet also.

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