Saturday, June 30, 2012

A babe and her bag...

My good friend Jessie, of Style & Pepper came into town this week, and we got together for a brief (hot, like 100 degrees hot) second. We cooled off with some Fro-Yo with the kids. It was so good to see her! I miss her smile and laugh; she literally brightens up a room.

Jessie and the kiddos

I about died when she told me the bag she was carrying was from Ann Taylor! I would have thought it was Tods or something...

give me perforated leather any day of the week! And, it's on sale for $119!

it also comes in this amazing tote version...

I also spotted this carry-all on their website. It's the perfect year-round bag

kudos to Ann Taylor for stepping up their style, I need to check them out more often!


  1. Cute! I just got a couple of cute accessories there as well...they are getting better, now they just need to improve the fit of things and they will be back in biz!

  2. I agree! Definitely looks like Tods. I got a cute, bright shift dress from Ann Taylor this spring and have been wearing it to showers and weddings.

  3. First, what a pretty picture of you and your pal! Second, I am in love with these bags- I love Ann Taylor but have somehow never noticed they have bags?! Love them want one!



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