Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My new best friend...

When I am pregnant, my interest in clothing kind of goes by the wayside. Shopping just makes me depressed. How fun is it to shop normal stores when nothing will fit right? But you better believe I have a wish list going for the minute I have this baby!

So, until then, I am replacing my passion for fashion with a new obsession...beauty products! We all need something that makes us feel good. So instead of a new dress or shirt, I am investing in new lotions and potions and stuff that is making my skin feel amazing.

meet my new bestie...the Clarisonic...

This invention is genius, and is something I should have gotten years ago. I had always heard such great things, but I had a hard time spending $150 on something to clean my face! Well, now there is a compact Clarisonic that gives you the same results as the full size Clarisonic for a fraction of the price.

It's called the Mia and it retails for $119. It does not have 2 speeds or a timer like the Mia 2, BUT it will deliver the same cleansing results in just 60 seconds.  I love that it is compact, which makes it easy for travel. It also comes in some cute colors to choose from!

Once you try it, you will be a believer too! I have already turned a few friends on to it and they are addicted. Honestly, I have never felt my skin feel this silky smooth.

available at Beautybrands.com


  1. I completely agree with the shopping! I am so glad to be in non-maternity clothes for a few years now! Plus maternity clothes are so expensive because they know we'll pay to look/feel as good as we can!

  2. best thing ever!! I love my Mia. when I was pregnant with Scarlett all I bought was shoes. Lucky for me my feet never grew, I know that happens to some girls!!

  3. OKAY, you sold me. I definitely need one now.

  4. i love my Olay version, as well (only $30)!

  5. Yep totally obsessed with my Clarisonic. Use it all the time and I swear my skin is smoother and fresher!



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