Monday, March 19, 2012

Bargain Hunting...

Who doesn't love a good bargain? Here are some of my most recent budget-friendly finds under $25

Thanks to my friend Mollie for the reccomendation on this Boots night cream. I really love it! Especially after my Clarisonic, this moisturizer makes my skin feel soft as a baby's skin and keeps it moisturized through the night $20 at Target

Forever 21 has some incredible jewelry right now. If you are looking for neons, bracelets, and feathers they have it all! This pyramid bracelet will set you back $10.80

I always like to stock up on basics for spring. I couldn't believe that these tees were $4.80...yes, under $5. That is less than the medium iced soy latte I get at Latte Land. They have a bunch of colors to choose from. And best part is, even at almost 9 months pregnant, these are long enough to cover my bump!

only a few more weeks and I can start buying non-maternity! How cute is this polka dot ruffled tank from Old Navy? I am trying to do a basic print other than stripes this spring and I think Polka Dots will be just the thing...


Every season I seem to find the perfect pair of non-rubber sandals from Old Navy. These t-straps come in a handful of fun, bright colors and are only $19.94


  1. I have that cream too - thanks to Mollie! That shirt is so cute (and very tiny looking). I really need to get to ON - everyone keeps saying they have cute things now.

  2. Love these ideas, Melanie! I am right with you about being excited to finally buy non-maternity clothes. Fourteen days and counting! : )



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