Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bump Style: More of Me Maternity

It's always hard to find stylish maternity wear that will stand the test of time. More of Me Maternity is fairly new on the scene and it's adorable!

To see the full review of the line, see my post on Project Nursery HERE.


  1. I love the dress and of course my favorite ankle boots! I guess though that it would hurt the foot is wearing heels and at the same time pregnant? What's your thought about that?

    1. I just bought the Serena Nautical Dress to wear for my baby shower & I was thinking about wearing my favorite ankle boots with them!!! :o, but then I thought it's SUMMER, then I thought but I have those soft cushions inside my lovely boots, then I thought well there's air conditioning inside & they would give me some height! Plus my feet aren't swollen, woot woot! I don't know still thinking about it, maybe I should just stick with my white rainbow flip flops....decisions:/ What's a women to do???



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