Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Because nobody should have a unibrow...

Most men don't like to take care of their eye-brow husband included. He has great brows, but they tend to grow together in the middle giving that not-so-hot unibrow look. I have tried plucking them for him, but you would think I was putting him through torture. He has tried shaving them himself, which leaves them very uneven. Overall, it's just not a pretty picture.

That was until I discovered Bliss Spa's Poetic Waxing Strips for the Face ($25)They come with 10 double sided waxing strips that are so easy to use it's not even funny. You warm the strip between your hands for about 30 seconds, pull the strip apart and place onto the area to be waxed. You then massage it onto the skin for a few seconds and then you pull it off to remove the hair!

Surprisingly my husband liked this process the best. I also was able to remove more hair in a shorter amount of time and he didn't seem as irritated as when I pluck them. The strips are pretty thin, so they are pretty much fool proof.

 They also make body strips ($36) would be great for in-between waxing appointments and you could easily pack and take them with you. Both come with a vial of azulene oil for post waxing to apply to the waxed area.

Both are available at Beauty Brands stores or

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  1. I have the "bliss poetic waxing at home" and I love it!! My hubby uses it too



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