Saturday, July 2, 2011

Put down the potato chips...this girl is not messing around!

My sister and law and I were sitting at the pool yesterday and she started telling me about this fitness blog she has been following. I was totally intrigued from the beginning...first off she told me that the girl (Zuzana) has an incredible body. In fact, I think the words out of my SIL's mouth were "don't let your husband see the site". And when I saw it today, I knew what she was talking about! whoa. No wonder it's called Body Rock? Zuzana has probably the most rocking body I have ever seen!

The site is incredible. They have daily at home workouts you can view for free (all are mostly short interval training workouts), recipes, and inspiring video and photos from her readers who have transformed their bodies through Zuzana's workouts.

 After watching just a few of her videos, I can tell it's not going to be easy. But looking that good doesn't come without some serious effort! What do you think? Anyone out there tried any of these workouts?


  1. Wow! She is in amazing shape and those are some serious workouts.

  2. Holy hell - I can't wait to browse through her site. Her body is sick and wrong.


  3. I'm literally watching Eat. Pray. Love while catching up on blogs and I see her poor mind is rcving such mixed signlas! :) Happy 4th! p.s. If you do try her workouts, let us know.

  4. I'll need to check out her site. Especially after too many margaritas, chips and guac in Palm Springs. BTW, I didn't know how to comment on your hat post. My friend, who has the CUTEST hats ever, just told me she shops at "Lids for Kids" for her small head. I also think I'm going to hit Forever 21 in search of that diamond patterned one. Love it!



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