Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where were these when I was a little girl?

We have a fabulous Crayola Store here in Kansas City that I could spend hours in. I did a lot of doodling and coloring as a child, and I am always fascinated with all of the new colors and gadgets for kids.

While browsing I came across the most fantastic books. They are called Rosie Flo's Coloring Books, which are based out of the U.K. The covers caught my eye, because of the colors and fun illustrations. As I flipped through them I was even more intrigued.

Each book has a "theme" with different illustrations in which your child would add the head and face, legs and arms and then color the body. For me, these would have been a dream! It gives them the creativity to create the "model" and also to give the outfit their own interpretation of pattern and color. They are quite fantastic, and I was tempted to buy one...who knows when a creative moment may strike?

Anybody own these cute coloring books? If so, I would love to know if your child loves them!


  1. Those are adorable, I would have loved those as a little girl!

  2. How cute! Love these! Crazy that your parents live in Fargo! Mine actually live by Miltona. It's always fun getting back there! Thanks for stopping by!

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog

  3. I know! I bought Stella 2 for her stocking bc I know I get to color with her!! Haha. I'm so selfish in my mommy & me time...



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