Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dressing the bump: Week 21

I am channeling my inner Rachel Zoe this pregnancy by wearing a lot more black! I am a girl who loves color, but truly, there is nothing more slimming than black head to toe. But, I couldn't go without some color...hence the red peep toe bow shoes.

Since it's been so incredibly mild here in KC, I was able to layer on a favorite jacket of mine. It's by Anni Kuan and is as old as can be. But I never seem to tire of this beautiful red, yellow, and pale green silk jacquard.

TOP: Beaded neck tunic by Forever 21
 PANTS: Demi Panel Really Skinny Maternity by Gap (a MUST for you pregos out there)
SHOES: Old Nordstrom BP brand
 JACKET: Anni Kuan


  1. cute, as always! thanks for the gap skinny suggestion. love the alexis bittar you scored for the holidays. i have a bunch of pretty jewels from his line. they go with everything! the store in soho is really fun. if you are in nyc, you should definitely stop in there and look around.

  2. You look ADORABLE!! Love the black and your cute bump...of course!

  3. LOVE this outfit! It is perfect. I am a fan of all black while prego!



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