Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super (model) Mom: Meet Courtney!

Today's Super (model) Mom is Courtney from the blog, A Thoughtful Place. She was nominated by Cassie of Hi, Sugarplum. I am so glad to have now discovered her blog!  It is jam packed with fun decorating ideas and wonderful DIY projects. Here is a little bit about Courtney and her style inspiration...

Courtney is a stay at home mommy in Southern California. Riley, age 5 and Grady, age 3 keep her running in circles. To maintain her sanity, she began A Thoughtful Place one year ago and has fallen in love with the blogging community. Courtney loves all things home related including decorating, entertaining, organization, and DIY projects.

1.) Whose style do you admire most? 
I absolutely love Kate Middleton's style. She is classy and perfectly tailored, but always looks feminine and beautiful.

2.) If there is one celebrity closet you would like to raid, whose would it be?
Other than Kate Middleton, I would be pretty fired up if I had access to Sarah Michelle Gellar's closet. She always looks amazing

Sarah Michelle Gellar

3.) What is one item you would love to splurge on right now?
I am slightly obsessed with boots. I have already picked up a couple of pairs for fall, but if I could really go bananas it would be for the Isola Caley Boot. Gorgeous

4.) What are your favorite budget items?
Probably trendy pieces of jewelry from Forever 21 as well as tanks and shirts from Target. While I don't mind spending more on a great pair of jeans that will last me a long time {favorites are Hudsons} I grow tired of trendy tops and like to switch them out easily.  

5.) What is one item in your closet that you will always cherish?
When I first met my husband, ten years ago, I was wearing a pale purple tank. Strangely, it is still in style. But no matter what fashion trends come and go, I will always hang onto the top because of the memories it holds.  
6.) What is your favorite Fall 2011 trend?
I love a great Maxi skirt and love that they are around for fall. This is a super cute one from Anthropologie

Seamingly Maxi

7.) When it comes to Fashion vs. Home decor,which comes first? Which are you most likely to splurge on?
Without a doubt, my home. I am slightly obsessed with all things home related. Having said that, I am also a sucker for a great dress and fun pair of heels. My husband and I like to get away once a year and I will always splurge on a flirty dress and heels.

8.) What are your top 3 beauty items?
I like to keep things simple. I always felt that the more beauty products you get used to using, the harder it is to be low maintenance! So my three favorites are my smokey eye liner from MAC, Love Nectar lip gloss {MAC}, and my Oil of Olay Foaming Face Wash. Easy and simple!

9.) What is your favorite splurge for your kids?
Hmm. Well, my daughter is going to be sporting some serious Missoni zig zag this fall. I couldn't help myself at Target. We also splurge on a good pair of school shoes from Nordstrom {one great pair versus ten cheaper pairs that she complains about!}. For my son, I love a great Janie and Jack rugby shirt. He just looks so darn cute in them. Other than that, it's Target all the way!

10.) Top 3 favorite style blogs
1. Schue Love: I love her adorable Friday's Fancies Posts 
2. The Chloe Conspiracy: Doesn't get any cuter.
3. Brooklyn Blonde: Great outfit inspiration

Thank you Courtney for letting us know what inspires you!


  1. Congrats to Courtney! She is absolutely one stylish mama and I hope I can have a stunning home like hers one day! :) Thanks for the shout out!! xo

  2. Thanks so much for having me! So much fun dishin' on style over here.

  3. love love love courtney! and i need details on the smokey eye liner!

  4. Congratulations to Courtney! What a fun post! I'm a fan as well of Kate Middleton's style. Courtney is a sweetheart and a very stylish mom. I love her style!

  5. Love Courtney's style! So sweet that she still has that tank!

  6. I love that you do this, Mel! I think it is so fun to read about these great women. Great blog!



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