Monday, September 12, 2011

The infamous sweater...

I am sure you have all seen this image on about 100 other blogs. It's definitely making the rounds as inspiration for fall. Love the camel sweater and the arm party this girl has going on. So imagine my surprise when I actually found this sweater...or what I am pretty sure is this exact sweater...

I stumbled across it at the new Michael Kors store that just came to Kansas City. It's called the neck warmer sweater and it retails for about $100. You can also remove the cowl neck, which is fabulous. Two days ago it was available online, but now it is showing out of stock. But, if you have a store near you, I bet you can still pick one up.


  1. Classic fall sweater - and I love a big gold men's watch. Mine is a Timex gold jumbo faced men's watch that I found at Filene's Basement. Cannot tell you how many compliments I get on this $19.99 deal!

    Now how do I find a similar deal on that sweater?

  2. Love it! I have been eyeing that sweater too. I am obsessed with Camel for fall.

  3. I have seen this sweater everywhere in blogland and I was wondering where it was from, thanks!!

  4. So funny, the last time you posted this picture I thought it was you! Love this look!

  5. Good detective work! It definitely is Michael Kors, because I recognize the bracelets from his new collection. I love this sweater, too!

  6. I LOVE that Camel color and the arm party...killer.



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