Friday, June 4, 2010

Plastic is Fantastic

Over the past few years Designer Vivienne Westwood has been teaming up with Brazilian shoe brand Melissa to design some very amazing plastic shoes. Yes, I said plastic. It is kind of hard to believe, they are really beautiful and interesting.

So, the best part is that THIS season, they are doing a mini version (minus the heel) of the shoe pictured above. So now, your trendy tot can be sporting these beauties too. The icing on the cake? They smell like bubble gum. Can you even stand it?


  1. okay-A. I scored a pair of melissa's at soho 119 for TEN bucks last summer, and B. Two days ago I emailed corporate to see where I can order those baby shoes! I can't take it I MUST have them!!

    We're on the same radar!!

  2. These were in every shop window in Paris! I love them!

  3. Where can I get these??? I HAVE to have the mom/tot set!!!

  4. Melissa's online shopping site is apparently "coming soon" If I come across any more info, I will let you know! Elle magazine puts them in their mag, but you can't buy them online? It's crazy!

  5. hey scout fans---these (and the kiddo shoes) can be found here:

    I contacted Melissa's corporate office because I am a stalker!
    P.S. the sweet girls shoes are $100 smackers!!

  6. Thanks Gigi for your investigative work :)



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