Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cat's Meow

So You Think You Can Dance fans can rejoice as a new season has started! Outside of crappy reality t.v., it is the one show that I look forward to every week. I am a die hard fan...I have even been to the SYTYCD tour. Oh yes...and it was fabulous!

Outside of the dancing, I also tune in just to see what host Cat Deeley is wearing. I feel like she is one of the few stars without a stylist, and it shows! She pushes the envelope, and some weeks you may love what she is wearing and some weeks you might just hate it. Her dresses are complete eye candy, and I would kill for her shoe collection. She always has the most perfect tousled waves and her updo's are amazing.

Here are just a few looks that I have loved over the years. Images courtesy of

The hair...ugh...what I wouldn't give! And a modern looking dress with lace AND sleeves, gorgeous!

I heart red.

those shoes are them!

slightly grecian...I am sold!

great color combo,although not quite sure of the placement of the ruffles

killer legs...

anyone else watching SYTYCD? Who are you rooting for this season?


  1. Love her clothes! And yes, I wish I could have the tousled waves!

  2. Cat is my Number One Girl Crush - I seriously think Amy and I would throw down if Cat were choosing bewteen both of us for her new BFF (but I would totally win, durrrr...) Did you see the strapless plaid dress she wore last week? Guh.

    Farm Boy Kent is my fave this season, AND my all time favorite dancer is on as an All Star - Neil - homina homina. Who's your fave? Welcome back!

  3. I don't actually watch SYTYCD, but I always try to flip to it while it's on just to see what Cat is wearing! Her outfit is always perfection, and she looks gorgeous everytime.

  4. I don't watch the show either, but I like to see what Cat is wearing at the beginning. Her style is amazing!

  5. She is gorgeous! Love that white dress! Would be perfect for my trip to Vegas this weekend! cute blog! following you now!
    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e



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