Saturday, June 12, 2010

Man of Style: Bravo's Golden Boy

I have fallen head over heels for Andy Cohen. This darling poster boy of Reality T.V. is the Senior VP of original programming on Bravo...yup, the mastermind behind the Rachel Zoe Project, Real Housewives, Flipping Out and Top Chef.

On top of all this, he hosts the most hilarious show called Watch What Happens, Live at 10:30 after the RH series. I always end up laughing out loud, and I can't help but wonder what it would be like if Andy and I were BFF's. We could gossip all day long about Crazy Danielle or twisted Jill Zarin, sip champagne cocktails, shop the shoe sale at Barneys, maybe I would help him pick out a great tie and then we would have wonderful lunches in Sag Harbor together. Ahhhh, a girl can dream right? Wouldn't he be the best Gay husband ever?

On top of his good looks and quick wit, the man can DRESS. He pulls of the fitted suit look just perfect, and his pocket square is never out of place. The pictures I am going to post do not do this man justice. He is way more put together on his show. Even my husband seems to be taking note...

OK ladies, any other Andy Cohen fans out there? Do you love his crooked smile as much as I do?!!!


  1. wasn't a huge fan until i watched the other night with ms. frankle, i think he drove me nuts before because he always looked like he was concentrating too hard on the teleprompter.

    now, he gets my mazel of the week.

  2. Yes. I must admit I do love me some Andy. Love the pics you choose of him.

  3. I freaking LOVE him!!!!! Mazel Andy :)



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