Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mom of 2...

Well folks, we have survived our first month with a newborn and a toddler. Truthfully, I am enjoying this so much more the second time around. Yes, it's challenging. Yes, I am sleep deprived. And yes, I still don't quite feel like myself, but I am trying to just enjoy the little moments with my daughter. The times she naps on my chest and how peaceful she looks when she sleeps.

I adore watching my son interact with her and how he is already showing signs of protectiveness. Like today at Target when he told some stranger that she couldn't touch his sister ( I have to admit, I was impressed...he already has her back!). He wants to snuggle with her constantly, and he has a neverending amount of kisses. This was a photo taken today during tummy time...he didn't like that she was crying and so he got right down there to comfort her. 

I am not sure we could have gotten through the month without my Mom's help. She is an angel for coming for that long. It's certainly not easy to sleep in a bed that's not your own, and be out of your normal routine for that long. She entertained Julian when I was too tired to, she changed more diapers than I can count and folded never-ending loads of laundry. Mom, I owe you BIG. We will always be grateful for your time here, we miss you already!

I feel grateful for this time tonight to write, because I miss blogging! I promise I will get back to writing about the fun, frivolous, fashion stuff again soon. But, right now, this is where my head is at. I am sure you understand...

have a great night everyone!


  1. First you look amazing! You looked amazing seriously like days after Miss V was born. Must know your secrets!!
    Your Mother's Day photo is so sweet.
    Enjoy snuggling with your sweet angel.

  2. Yes, you definitely look amaaazing!! Such an inspiration for a mama like me that will need the motivation! And I love how protective Julian is of her...so so sweet! Glad you are all doing great! :)

  3. Your family is just beautiful! I am so happy for you! and yay for your mom helping out for so long you lucky girl!

  4. Congrats!! You have to enjoy every second with your baby, they grow up in a blink of an eye!! My mom helped me out so much when I had Scarlett, I don't think I would have survived the first month without her!!

    you look so happy!!

    Hope the weather is nice in KC this weekend, we are heading over!!

  5. nice pictures. your baby is very pretty and innocent. congratulation! May god bless her. It's your time to enjoy with your baby. your family looks so beautiful.

  6. you're very lucky to have such a wonderful family!!



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