Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bag it

Some people are shoe-aholics, I personally am addicted to bags. Whether you gain or lose 5 pounds, a handbag will always fit; and I LOVE that! Handbags, if bought wisely will also never go out of style. Here is my eternal "wish list"...

A Monogrammed Goyard Tote

Gucci Boston Bag

Chloe Marcie Bag

And when I get a bit older, I think a classic Chanel would be a wonderful investment

what bag are you coveting these days?


  1. Totally agree! Have always been a bag girl myself. : ) Love all your picks. My dream bag right now is the Ralph Lauren Ricky handbag.

  2. How would a Chanel bag be a good "investment"? Do they appreciate with age?

  3. Ahh, absolutely in love with that Chloe bag! So perfect! You can also just go ahead and assume that a black quilted Chanel bag will forever be on my wishlist, my dream bag for sure!

  4. I have that exact Chanel and rarely carry it. It feels too "here's my Chanel bag" right now. But I do love it! I need to upgrade my everyday bag and am always searching...most bags are too heavy in my opinion.

  5. I am wanting a new Michael Kors. its a basic black leather with tan straps. Its almost like a magazine tote style? (Not sure if that is the correct way to describe a bag or not! Lol)

    I love the green bag you featured!

  6. I love the Chloe bag, the color is gorgeous!

  7. Anything that is NOT a diaper bag! I have started using my Tory Burch tote in lieu of a diaper bag. Is 10 months too early to start potty training? Dying for the Proenza Schouler pouch PS1- this is the first time I'm seeing it! YUM!

  8. I especially love the Chloe bag! Simply fabulous!!



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