Monday, April 13, 2009

Put away your sweatpants and break out your skinny jeans!

As much as I would like the skinny jean/long top/sandals look to go away, I am afraid to say that it is here to stay for spring and summer. No matter where you go, that is the look that stores are offering. The good news is, your bargain-hunting gal found the PERFECT PAIR OF SKINNY JEANS!

As a denim buyer, I was afforded the opportunity to try many different brands of premium denim. Through this process I learned that price is not necessarily definitive of how the jean is going to fit. Shopping for denim is a very LONG and somewhat tedious process. It may take a couple trips to different stores to find the fit that is perfect for you!

I happened to stumble upon these perfect jeans on a recent trip to Nordstrom. As a former employee of Nordstrom, I always feel at home there. I love Brass Plum, their Juniors department. Although I am not a "junior" per say, I always seem to find great layering tanks, inexpensive and trendy sunglasses and great accessories. I was certainly not intending to find this perfect jean sitting right in front of me!

But, there it was. Super dark, just the right amount of stretch, and no trendy stitching or fading. I was apprehensive...would this jean fit my post-baby body? Would I be able to fit my thighs into a junior size jean? Would I cry at the sight of my toosh in the 3 way mirror!!!!!!???? was worth a shot, I had to try them.

I went into the fitting room with my "old size" and one size up. I tried the bigger ones on first. To my delight they were actually to big in the waist and I just knew that after a day of wearing them that I would be hiking them up all day long. Then I slipped on the smaller size. It took some effort to get into them, and a few knee bends to feel comfortable, but once I got them on, THEY WERE PERFECTION! Not too low, not too high. Super flattering in the front and back. I could wear them with Boots, Flats, High Heels...the possibilities were ENDLESS! The best part was the price, are you ready for this? $68!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, these jeans were certainly meant for me!

It! Jeans "Rising Starlet" $68 at Nordstrom!

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