Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh Boy!!!!!

As a mother of a baby boy, I am constantly in search for cute things to dress my little guy in. I go to Target (my home away from home) hoping to find some inexpensive cute things. I always find things for myself there, so I WANT to be able to find things for my baby as well! I enviously meander through the girls department. SO many cute things! Darling leggings with little tops to match, the cutest sun dresses, and a gazillion little tops and shorts. Then I get to the boys "corner", which is literally about 4 racks compared to the 50 in girls. I sheepishly pick up the awful onesies with cheesy sayings, and I flip through the "Pooh and Friends" rack-which is really only appropriate for a JC Penney Photo Shoot. It's truly depressing...

This forces me to do some major research both online and in-stores. I have a few go-to's where I know I will always find cute things.

I am absolutely in love with Paul Frank's Small Paul line. They make the softest supima cotton onesies and little leggings that all coordinate. It's great basics with a twist. The images on the onesies aren't over the top, and I found the leggings are perfect enough for my baby who has really long legs!

If you are into organic clothing-which I have just recently become a huge fan of. You will love a line called Speesees. It's really unique, brightly colored onesies, jumpers, coats, you name it. I love the jumpers, they have a kangaroo pocket in the front and the legs are a bit flared at the bottom. They take basics and give them a fun, colorful twist!

a line that I am obsessed with is called Kicky Pants. Literally the softest clothing I have had my baby in. They use bamboo cotton that holds up amazing and feels so wonderful and cuddly. When our baby was really little these were the items I always went to because of their softness and great quality. You can't purchase directly from their site, but they do have a store locator on the website so that you can see who in your area carries the line.

If you want great quality clothes for your little guy to play in, I have had wonderful luck with Mini-Boden. A company out of the UK. They only sell online and through catalogs, so you won't see every other baby at playdate wearing the same outfit! Their toweling all-in-one is a must for summer. It's terry cloth with a hood and perfect to wrap your little guy up in once they are done in the pool! I have found that they do run long and run true to size. Order quick though, items go fast!

lastly, a must have for every baby boy (or girl) are Trumpette socks. Since boys do not have many options as far as accessories go, socks and shoes are what I have invested in. Trumpette makes a 6 pack of socks for $25 that look like little tennis shoes! They come in bright primary colors and go great with all your baby boy clothes. My other favorites are the camoflauge set. They are in pastel colors, which I found I used a lot when he was really little because we had so many light colored outfits for him. For girls they make a sock that looks like a Mary-Jane shoe or a Ballet Slipper. These are perfect for gift-giving as welll!
If you have any other great ideas, please post them!

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